“Russia Reaffirms Support for Palestinian Self-Determination with East Jerusalem as Capital”

“Putin Extends Condolences to Palestinian Victims, Calls for Ceasefire and Aid, Rejects Displacement”

RAMALLAH, Monday, October 16, 2023 (WAFA) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, engaged in discussions today regarding the latest developments in the Palestinian region, specifically focusing on the ongoing efforts to halt Israeli attacks on the Palestinian populace.

During a phone call, President Abbas extended his condolences to President Putin and the families of Russian citizens who lost their lives during the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip.

President Abbas conveyed his deep appreciation for Russia’s unwavering support for the rights of the Palestinian people and for a comprehensive and equitable peace in the Middle East, rooted in international legitimacy resolutions.

The President emphasized the imperative need to cease hostilities, refrain from targeting Palestinian civilians, establish secure pathways for the entry of vital medical and food supplies, and ensure the provision of water and electricity to the residents of Gaza.

He underscored the necessity of preventing any attempts to displace Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, highlighting that such actions would constitute a second catastrophe for the Palestinian people, akin to the events of 1948.

Abbas firmly condemned the loss of civilian lives on both sides and stressed the significance of releasing civilians and detainees held by both parties.

President Abbas reiterated his commitment to upholding international legitimacy and signed agreements, rejecting violence and advocating for the pursuit of political and legal means to achieve the national goals of the Palestinian people.

He added that true peace and security could only be realized through the implementation of the two-state solution, in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions, and the recognition of the State of Palestine.

President Putin, in response, expressed his condolences for the Palestinian victims and echoed the importance of ending the conflict, providing essential humanitarian aid, and preventing the displacement of Palestinians from their homeland.

He further affirmed Russia’s steadfast support for the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and independence, with a sovereign state having East Jerusalem as its capital.

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