Committing one offense cannot justify another. It is imperative to cease the assault on civilians in Gaza.


Israel has been bombarding Gaza from the air for the last twelve days without stopping. Thousands of tons of explosives have already been dropped on Gaza’s population by Israeli aircraft. Yes, in fact.

This is not the first time Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip. This illegal and immoral tactic has led to thousands of deaths in previous battles—including entire families—thousands of injuries, and tens of thousands of homeless people. This time, however, Israel has taken its policy a step further, making it abundantly evident that it intended to exact retribution on Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has issued an urgent evacuation order to the Gaza Strip, threatening to demolish any places where Hamas hides or prepares. The IDF Spokesperson underlined, “We will be everywhere and with all our might. The emphasis is on damage, not accuracy. ****. Yes, it is.

The result is horrifying. There are no places for the residents of Gaza to hide and no tools for self-defense. There are no safe rooms, secure areas, or bomb shelters. Not a single alarm tells them to leave. There is nothing left for them to do but wait in dread and fear, praying they are not hit. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans have already left their homes in a desperate attempt to save their own lives and the lives of their families, but nowhere is safe in Gaza. People had died as they ran. When they fled, they sought refuge in places that ultimately proved fatal. More than 3,000 people have perished thus far, many of them were members of families that were abruptly and totally wiped out within their houses. Thus it goes.

Due to a lack of equipment, Israel’s continuous bombing, the sheer number of people caught, and the growing death toll, many people are buried beneath the rubble with no chance of rescue. More bodies accumulate than can be buried. Several of them have been moved to trucks that transport freezers. There have also been burials in mass graves. Hold on, please.

It is inconceivable what lies ahead for those who make it out alive. Over a million people have been told to flee their homes by Israel, which is in the midst of a war and is constantly under bombardment. Those who refuse to evacuate are clearly putting their own lives in danger. Hospitals were also required to follow the evacuation order, but they were unable to do so due to the patients and injured they were caring for, as well as the families who were seeking safety on their grounds.

Given that they were left with no other option and were now homeless, hundreds of thousands of people complied. Some of them still live on the streets. Some have sought safety inside schools or other people’s homes. Because of the overcrowding, the living conditions in refugee sites are unbearable. Insufficient clothing and blankets for everyone, coupled with the impossibility of maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene, pose a serious risk of disease outbreaks. No, hold on.

The closure of Gaza’s crossings has resulted in a shortage of food, fuels (diesel and other), medicines, and basic medical supplies. Families are forming longer lines in a desperate attempt to purchase what food is left. Israel has ceased supplying the Gaza Strip with electricity. Israel’s blockade has prevented the local power plant from obtaining fuel, which has forced it to shut down. Residents no longer have access to water as sewage and water systems have shut down as a result of the power outage. In these conditions, hospitals are already collapsing under the weight of the injured, barely able to function. True enough.

For the two million or so people who live in Gaza, the situation is unimaginable: endless airstrikes against which there is no defense; a total collapse of infrastructure; the devastation of entire residential neighborhoods; hundreds of thousands of displaced people, many of whom have nowhere to return; and a complete lack of food, water, power, or medicine. The Gaza Strip is completely closed off, leaving no place to escape. There is nothing atypical or incorrect about this. The horrible conditions in the Gaza Strip are directly related to said Israeli policy.

No purpose in the world—not an all-out war on terror, not the horrifying crimes Hamas has committed in Israeli communities near the Gaza border, not the desire to overthrow the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip—can ever justify the targeting of civilians. For the same reason, Israel’s war crimes committed during the past 12 days in the Gaza Strip are completely unjustified and without foundation in reality.

Unlike Hamas, Israel maintains that it does not deliberately target civilians. It has previously made this claim in previous battle rounds. Not only did senior officials declare categorically this time that Israel would bomb Gaza without any limitations, but the claim was false in the past as well. Israel ought to be aware by now that the use of air power in one of the most populated regions on earth—a region under siege that is home to two million people—is guaranteed to result in thousands of deaths and significant destruction. This is what has happened in Israel’s previous rounds of fighting in the Gaza Strip, and this is what is happening now. The “We didn’t know” defense crumbles in the face of evidence. Stay put.
Yes, in fact.


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