Gazans endured another night of intense bombing.

Residents of Gaza endure yet another night of relentless Israeli bombing while waiting to see if the Rafah crossing will reopen and allow much-needed supplies to enter the enclave.

In an airstrike against the Greek Orthodox, Israel killed several people. Holy Porphyrius Church. officials in Gaza claim that the compound.

According to Israel’s defense minister, troops will soon be able to see Gaza “from inside,” implying a forthcoming ground invasion.

President of the United States Joe Biden compared. To Russia, Hamas. , declaring that it is a “priority” to return American hostages held by Hamas.

3,785 at the very least. People from Palestine have died. Since the October 7 attack inside Israel, which left more than 1,400 people dead, there have been Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Middle East envoy for China calls for guarantees for Palestinians. In a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Qatar, Zhai Jun, China’s special representative for the Middle East, blamed the Israeli-Gaza conflict on the absence of guarantees for Palestinian rights and called for closer cooperation with Moscow.

The Chinese envoy arrived in Qatar on Thursday for the first leg of his tour of the area, where he reaffirmed with his Russian counterpart Mikhail Bogdanov Beijing’s support for Moscow in their efforts to defuse the Gaza crisis. Qatar’s Emir and the UK’s PM are crucial to preventing a Middle East escalation. The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, have come to an understanding that Gaza urgently needs humanitarian aid, and that there must be no further escalation in Middle Eastern violence.

Following a meeting between the two leaders, Sunak’s office released a statement saying, “They underlined the imperative of avoiding any escalation in the violence across the region and agreed that leaders had a responsibility to do everything possible to prevent it. “They both agreed that it is urgent to get food, water, and medicine to suffering civilians.

The Dutch government advises citizens not to visit Lebanon.The Dutch government has urged its citizens to stay away from Lebanon and has warned those who are already there to leave as soon as possible. ”.The same travel advice was recently released by other European nations as well.In a statement, the Dutch government added, “There are increased tensions in Lebanon as a result of unpredictable developments between Israel and the Palestinian Territories.”.

Military escalation is “catastrophic” for the people of Gaza, according to the UN’s top refugee official. .The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has stated that any intensification of Israel’s military action in Gaza will be “catastrophic” for the local populace. Filippo Grandi told reporters in Japan, “(I) can tell you with certainty that any further escalation or even continuation of military activities will just be catastrophic for the people of Gaza.”. Report: Al-Omari Mosque is destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. .According to a statement by Gaza’s interior ministry, an Israeli airstrike has destroyed the iconic al-Omari Mosque in the northern Gaza Strip, according to Anadolu. The third-largest mosque in ancient Palestine, the ancient mosque was built in the seventh century. Israel has seen the departure of at least 1,000 Chinese nationals. .According to China’s foreign ministry, more than 1,000 Chinese citizens have left Israel as a result of the conflict. At a press conference, the ministry’s spokesperson, Mao Ning, announced that 280 Chinese nationals who had been stuck in the Israeli city of Sderot in the south had also been evacuated. China has called for peace talks in the midst of the rising death toll and deteriorating humanitarian situation for Palestinians.

The Ramallah area has seen Israeli armored personnel carriers. .Witnesses claim to have seen Israeli armored personnel carriers enter the West Bank city of Ramallah. Videos that were uploaded online also demonstrated the unusual intrusion in Ramallah’s city centre. We’re keeping an eye on this to provide you with more details.

Bedouins in the West Bank are expelled through “silent annexation” by settlers. .The men of Wadi al-Siq were tearing down their family homes on the morning of October 12 when a group of heavily armed Israelis from nearby illegal settlements, along with army reservists, stormed the village. The previous day, they had driven some of the Palestinian Bedouin villagers’ sheep ahead of them as their wives and the majority of their children left the village. They were all scared. Guy Hirschfeld, an Israeli peace activist, issued a two days prior Facebook warning. rumoured. the Wadi al-Siq community should be wiped out, is the call. The villagers then made the decision to leave under the direction of their Moktar, Abdelrahman “Abu Bashar” Kaabneh.

Analyst calls the language of the Israeli government toward the Palestinians “genocidal.” Since Israel’s hard-right government took office late last year, according to Aicha Elbasri of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, there has been a change in the language used to describe Palestinians. “Genocidal language” has replaced it. Elbasri told Al Jazeera that the Israeli defence minister using language of genocide when he talked about leveling Gaza and compared its residents to animals.She did, however, point out that there are some distinct Jewish voices outside of Israel. She referred to the organization that by saying, “NGOs like the Jewish Voice for Peace are fighting against the genocidal language and warning people about the Israeli government’s genocidal campaign.”. arranged a sit-in. at the US Congress this week calling for an end to the fighting in Gaza. She continued, “What is happening in Gaza is genocide, and the international community should be held accountable.”. .

Overnight, it attacked Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. The Israeli army claims to have attacked Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon overnight. The army claimed in a statement on X that its actions were in response to launches made by the Lebanese group into Israeli territory. Over the past two weeks, Hezbollah and Israel have traded cross-border fire in response to Israel’s conflict with Gaza. Additionally, Hezbollah has threatened to intensify its attacks if Israel goes ahead with its plan to launch a ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve published a ton of content, ranging from news articles and in-depth analyses to essays and photo galleries. Highlights include the following:.

In what way and to what degree will Israel conduct a ground offensive in Gaza? The strategy, timing, and approach for this action remain uncertain.
The border between Egypt and Gaza serves as a barrier, impeding the delivery of aid. The anticipation of Palestinians’ arrival is met with hope and apprehension.
Feelings of anger and discomfort are pervasive, especially in Arab American communities during the Gaza War.
Where will you find shelter tonight? It’s a tragic situation for a displaced mother from Gaza. The situation is dire.
A dedicated teacher from Palestine remains resolute in staying in Gaza, regardless of the personal cost.
Homes in Khan Younis have been tragically destroyed by a devastating Israeli bombardment.

 Over 100 targets were allegedly attacked overnight in Gaza, according to the Israeli army. .In overnight air raids across the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army claims to have hit more than 100 targets. The attacks also destroyed numerous operational headquarters, munitions storage facilities, and tunnel shafts. .

 .Photos show Indonesian students participating in a communal prayer service for Gazans.

“Nobody wants to talk,” someone said.from Jaffa, reporting.We traveled to Jaffa to observe the locals and learn about their moods. In Jaffa, which is primarily populated by Israelis and Palestinian Israeli citizens, tourism is a significant source of income.But nobody wants to talk to us and everything is closed here.Palestinians in this area worry that if they speak to the media, attacks against them might get worse.In the meantime, Israelis are very angry. One aggressive Israeli man claimed that the media was against Israel.This area is very tense, according to the general consensus.

Israeli fire in the occupied West Bank killed 13, including five children. Israel has increased its raids on settlements and cities in the occupied West Bank following the Hamas attack. Israeli forces raided and attacked the Nur Shams refugee camp with airstrikes that started on Thursday, according to the Palestinian health ministry, killing a total of 13 people, including five children. Check out our article for more information on the escalating hostilities in the West Bank. here.

Al-Aqsa Mosque visitors are discouraged by the police presence. Coming from the occupied east of Jerusalem. At the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the dawn prayers were conducted without incident. But the mosque’s grounds are surrounded by numerous police checkpoints. About 40,000–60,000 people typically visit the mosque on Fridays to pray. However, it is incredibly quiet right now. Typically, a large number of visitors would be coming from Israel and various parts of the occupied West Bank. The police presence, however, has served as a public deterrent at all gates.

It’s impossible to see what’s being targeted because of all the smoke, as they say. .a report from Gaza City. West of Gaza City has experienced nonstop intense airstrikes throughout the night. Because of all the smoke in the area, we can no longer even see what is being targeted. The yards of hospitals, schools run by UNRWA, and various other shelters are being used as temporary homes by thousands of displaced people. Like those seeking refuge at the Greek Orthodox Church, they believe they are safe, but it appears that everything is coming under heavy fire. In Gaza, every target appears to be justified.

A recent poll indicates that 80% of Israelis believe that Netanyahu ought to resign. .According to a recent poll conducted by the Israeli newspaper Maariv, 65% of Israelis are in favor of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip while only 21% are against it.According to the poll, 80% of Israelis believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should bear responsibility for the country’s mistakes that led to the October 7 Hamas attacks, including 69% of those who supported the premier’s Likud party during last year’s election. Only 8% of the populace believes that Netanyahu is not at fault.This does Benjamin Netanyahu not make for a good reading. The public in Israel believes it is time for Netanyahu to leave, despite his efforts to project the image of a global statesman meeting with world leaders, Alan Fisher of Al Jazeera reported from occupied East Jerusalem.In addition, the poll found that 51% of Israelis support a significant military operation on the northern front, at Israel’s border with Lebanon.The Lazar Institute and Panel4All interviewed 510 participants for the survey on October 18 and 19. .

 Abbas will meet Rishi Sunak in Egypt. .We previously covered the visit of the British prime minister to Egypt for talks with regional leaders. As of right now, we know that Rishi Sunak and the Egyptian leadership will also be meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Egypt this afternoon “to discuss ways to stop the escalation.”


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