Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian activist, is being arrested by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

NABI SALEH, West Bank, Nov. 6 (Reuters) – Under suspicion of inciting violence, Israeli troops detained a Palestinian activist on Monday. Her mother refuted the accusation, claiming it was based on a fictitious Instagram post. The activist has been hailed as a hero in the occupied West Bank since she was a teenager.

In the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, the Israeli military claimed to have captured 22-year-old Ahed Tamimi. When Tamimi attacked an Israeli soldier who was raiding her village in 2017 at the age of 16, she became well-known. She has long opposed Israeli land seizures, as have others.

It is believed that Tamimi incites violence and calls for the execution of terrorist acts, according to the military.

More than a dozen Israeli soldiers broke into their home overnight and took her daughter into custody, according to her mother, Nariman Tamimi.

According to her mother, Ahed does not have an Instagram account, but Israeli authorities claimed the young woman “wrote an inciting (Instagram) post calling for the killing of settlers and saying what Hitler did wasn’t enough.”.

An image purportedly from an Instagram post by an account bearing Tamimi’s name and photo was released by certain Israeli media outlets. Israel’s West Bank settlers were threatened with “slaughter” in the text.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the image or track down the Instagram account with the handle “ahed_tamimi15.”. About the photo, the military remained silent.

Tamimi was given an eight-month prison sentence after admitting guilt to reduced charges that included assault after slapping the soldier.

She is among the hundreds of people detained in the region as a result of the recent escalation in violence between Israel and Gaza militants.

As it launches a ground offensive against Gaza’s Hamas militants in the wake of a deadly Oct. 23 attack, Israel claims that part of the reason for its arrests in the West Bank is to prevent further attacks. The militant group went on a rampage in Israel on July 7.

Conflicts between Israeli troops and Palestinians have been common in the West Bank, where violence has also flared up. since October. 7. At least 141 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the area, 43 of them are children, according to U. Not N. numbers.

In Nabi Saleh, West Bank, Ismael Khader reported; Rami Ayyub wrote; Cynthia Osterman edited.



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