“Health Minister’s Open Court in Kotli: Direct Action on Public Concerns”

Health Minister Dr. Nasar Ansar Abdali‘s Open Court in Kotli Addresses Public Grievances

April 22, 2024 (Kotli) – Dr. Nasar Ansar Abdali , the Health Minister, orchestrated an unprecedented open court session in Kotli, an initiative aimed at directly engaging with citizens and addressing their grievances. The session, held in Khuiratta, drew a diverse crowd, reflecting the breadth of concerns spanning water, electricity, healthcare, security, education, forestry, corruption, bribery, and traffic management.

Dr. Abdali’s approach was hands-on and empathetic. He listened attentively as citizens from across the valley voiced their concerns, each narrative painting a vivid picture of challenges faced by the community. From the scarcity of clean water to erratic electricity supply, from inadequate healthcare facilities to the encroachment of forest land, the spectrum of issues underscored the multifaceted nature of public grievances.

Prompt action followed each complaint. In a notable instance, a revenue officer was reprimanded for soliciting a hefty bribe of PKR 140,000, prompting Dr. Abdali to issue a directive for the officer’s suspension, signaling a zero-tolerance stance against corruption. Similarly, complaints of overcharging for transformer repairs led to swift measures, with instructions for refunds to affected citizens.

Acknowledging the complexity of the challenges, Dr. Abdali formed specialized committees tasked with devising sustainable solutions. Whether it was the demolition of illegal structures encroaching upon forest land or the enhancement of IT infrastructure for streamlined record-keeping, each initiative aimed at addressing systemic issues at their core.

During his address to the gathering, Dr. Abdali reiterated his commitment to serve as a conduit between the government and the people, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in effecting meaningful change. He unveiled ambitious plans to bolster healthcare infrastructure, including the establishment of three hospitals at the PMDC headquarters in Azad Kashmir, coupled with extensive road construction projects to improve connectivity.

The open court session served as a testament to Dr. Abdali’s proactive approach and willingness to confront challenges head-on. As attendees expressed their appreciation for the initiative, they echoed a unanimous call for future sessions to sustain this dialogue between the government and the governed.

Noteworthy personalities graced the occasion, lending their support to the Health Minister’s endeavors. From Presidential Advisor Chaudhry Muhammad Farooq to local dignitaries such as Raja Qaiser Iqbal and Wasim Mustafa, their presence underscored the collective commitment to fostering positive change within the community.

Dr. Nasar Ansar Abdali’s open court in Kotli transcended mere rhetoric, embodying a tangible manifestation of governmental accountability and citizen empowerment. In its wake, it left a palpable sense of optimism, fueled by the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future for Kotli and its residents.

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