“Former aide to Imran Khan takes up role in PM Kakar’s cabinet, tasked with overseeing the investment portfolio.”

Tahir Javed owns US-based multi-million dollar health company Riceland Healthcare

ISLAMABAD/WASHINGTON: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has appointed a former donor and aide of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan as his Special Assistant on Investment. Texan-Pakistani businessman Muhammad Tahir Javed has been entrusted with the investment portfolio and has officially joined the cabinet, according to a notification issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Tahir Javed will receive the same privileges and benefits as a minister of state. He has previously contributed financially to and actively supported Imran Khan and the PTI in the United States during Khan’s tenure as Prime Minister.

Tahir Javed is the proprietor of Riceland Healthcare, a US-based multimillion-dollar health company. On his social media profiles, he describes himself as a Pakistani American entrepreneur, investor, business magnate, and philanthropist.

While Tahir Javed initially campaigned for Imran Khan and the PTI during their time in power, he has become a vocal critic of Imran Khan in recent months, branding him a failed Prime Minister whose sole claim to fame is his celebrity status as a cricketer. In a recent interview, he expressed disappointment in his efforts to support Imran Khan, particularly during Khan’s visit to the USA in November 2019, which he believes did not yield any substantial benefits for Pakistan.

During Imran Khan’s tenure, Tahir Javed publicly praised the Prime Minister for his “successful” visit to the USA and for addressing crucial issues aligned with Pakistan’s objectives. In November 2019, Imran Khan personally acknowledged Tahir Javed’s contributions, stating, “Mr. Tahir Javed has been instrumental in establishing the Pakistan Congress Foundation, which played a pivotal role in revitalizing and activating the Congressional Pakistan Caucus during the 116th Congress.”

Tahir Javed asserted that he personally arranged over 60 meetings between Imran Khan and US senators during the visit. He was often pictured alongside Imran Khan during these meetings in the USA, and they also met at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington at the conclusion of the visit.

In Islamabad, Tahir Javed met with Imran Khan and praised the Prime Minister for granting overseas Pakistanis the right to vote in future elections. He also commended Khan for his speech at the UN General Assembly on the issue of Islamophobia.

However, following Imran Khan’s removal in a vote of confidence, Tahir Javed changed his stance and criticized the former Prime Minister. He claimed that President Joe Biden did not engage with Imran Khan because of a lack of trust and disagreement with several of his international statements.

Known for his close ties to Hillary Clinton and various Democratic Party leaders, Tahir Javed has stated that Imran Khan’s public support for the Taliban had significantly strained relations with the US government. He believes that Imran Khan should have handled foreign policy matters differently.

In his new role, Tahir Javed, who claims to have influential connections within the Joe Biden administration, has pledged to attract foreign investment to Pakistan and has expressed full support for the interim administration. He is optimistic that Pakistan’s short-term challenges will be overcome.

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