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The world stands with Palestine again

The Palestinian health ministry announced on Sunday that Israel’s bloodthirsty onslaught against Gaza was now killing one Palestinian every five minutes. Israel has wiped out at least 50 Palestinian families in Gaza. A million people have already been displaced from their homes. Israel’s sheer brutality caused a global outpouring of disgust, and a massive wave of demonstrations over the […]

Genocide in Gaza, nearly 600 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces

Tragic loss of life continues in Gaza, where nearly 600 Palestinian children have lost their lives due to the ongoing conflict involving Israeli forces. October 13, 2023—The devastating toll of the Israeli military offensive on Gaza has claimed the lives of at least 583 Palestinian children, constituting one-third of the total casualties. The situation is […]

Gaza’s Healthcare in Crisis: 1843 Lives Lost, 7138 Injured

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday evening an increase in the toll of the ongoing Israeli occupation’s aggression against our people in Gaza and the West Bank to 1843 martyrs and 7138 injured. The Ministry of Health provided a concise update, stating that the number of casualties in Gaza has tragically reached 1,799 martyrs, […]

“Hospitals in Gaza teeter on the brink of becoming morgues,” as rights organizations urgently appeal for intervention.

International charities and rights groups call for urgent action against Israel’s blockade amid increased fears of humanitarian catastrophe. A power blackout in the Gaza Strip caused by Israel’s “total blockade” of the besieged enclave has prompted condemnation and calls from international rights groups for urgent action as “hospitals risk turning into morgues” amid heavy Israeli bombardment. On […]

‘Smell of death is everywhere’: Inside Israeli kibbutz attacked by Hamas

The devastation stands as a testament to the intense conflict that unfolded between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli military. In Kfar Aza, Israel, a haunting atmosphere of death pervades, with the remains of Israeli civilians, soldiers, foreign workers, and Palestinian combatants scattered across the grounds. This kibbutz in Israel fell victim to a harrowing attack […]

This is Israel’s most intense bombing campaign in Gaza in recent memory, residents of the besieged territory say.

The vibrant Rimal neighbourhood, the heart of Gaza, has been completely obliterated. The Rimal neighborhood, once the vibrant heart of the Gaza Strip, has been nearly obliterated in the intense Israeli bombardment over the past four days. Israeli bombs have mercilessly shattered the walls of apartment towers, uprooted trees that once lined bustling sidewalks, and […]

Putin expresses deep worry regarding the ‘devastating’ loss of civilian lives during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The Russian leader attributes the escalation of violence to a flawed U.S. Middle East policy that overlooked the Palestinian aspirations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his grave concern about the significant rise in civilian casualties during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza. In a phone call with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the […]

The death toll in the Israel-Hamas conflict has surged beyond 1,100.

Israeli forces launched a campaign to regain control of the desert areas around the Gaza Strip and evacuate residents from the embattled border region. The death toll in the conflict with Hamas has now exceeded 1,100, and the situation remains highly volatile. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a “long and difficult” conflict as Hamas […]

The United States and Israel faced difficulties in rallying support from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the issue of Hamas, while Russia urged for a broader perspective.

“It’s abnormal that the Security Council doesn’t say anything,” Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun says The United States expressed disappointment on Sunday as the United Nations Security Council did not achieve unanimous condemnation of the Hamas attack on Israel. This outcome reflects the presence of long-standing unresolved issues, with Russia advocating for a broader perspective on […]

Joe Biden sends US ships near Israel after Zionists suffer major blow by Hamas

“The Pentagon has announced the deployment of the USS Gerald R. Ford and its accompanying warships to the Mediterranean, along with an increase in fighter aircraft squadrons in the region.” In the wake of a powerful response by the resistance group Hamas against perceived Israeli aggression, President Joe Biden ordered the deployment of US ships […]

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