Year: 2024

“Empowering Farnworth North: Mazhar Iqbal’s Candidacy for a Stronger Community”

A Dedicated Community Leader : Mazhar Iqbal’s Candidacy for Farnworth North Election Mazhar Iqbal, an esteemed pillar of our community, has stepped up to contest the upcoming election under the Conservative Party for the Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council in Farnworth North. With the election slated for Thursday, 2nd May 2024, Mazhar Iqbal’s candidacy represents a […]

“Health Minister’s Open Court in Kotli: Direct Action on Public Concerns”

Health Minister Dr. Nasar Ansar Abdali‘s Open Court in Kotli Addresses Public Grievances April 22, 2024 (Kotli) – Dr. Nasar Ansar Abdali , the Health Minister, orchestrated an unprecedented open court session in Kotli, an initiative aimed at directly engaging with citizens and addressing their grievances. The session, held in Khuiratta, drew a diverse crowd, […]

“Deadly Explosions Balochistan Ahead of Pakistan Elections: At Least 28 Killed in Targeted Attacks on Election Candidates”

Quetta witnessed a devastating day as two separate explosions rocked the region, claiming the lives of at least 28 individuals and leaving over 40 others wounded, casting a grim shadow just a day prior to the general elections in Pakistan. The initial blast, which resulted in the loss of a minimum of 15 lives and […]

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