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Is the Palestinian cause gaining traction among Latin American nations?

SAO PAULO, Brazil: Given the escalation of the Gaza conflict, Latin American analysts have indicated to Arab News that a pro-Palestinian bloc may be beginning [more…]

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Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian activist, is being arrested by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, who was released from an Israeli prison on Sunday, holds her pillow as she sits on her bed in her room in Nabi Saleh village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank July 30, 2018. REUTERS/Raneen

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The Israeli military is severing Gaza City and its people with maximum brutality.

According to Bloomberg, an Israeli army spokesman said that targets above and below ground were being attacked. Israeli troops have completely surrounded Gaza City, essentially [more…]

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The world stands with Palestine again

The Palestinian health ministry announced on Sunday that Israel’s bloodthirsty onslaught against Gaza was now killing one Palestinian every five minutes. Israel has wiped out at least [more…]

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Genocide in Gaza, nearly 600 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces

Tragic loss of life continues in Gaza, where nearly 600 Palestinian children have lost their lives due to the ongoing conflict involving Israeli forces. October [more…]

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“Hospitals in Gaza teeter on the brink of becoming morgues,” as rights organizations urgently appeal for intervention.

International charities and rights groups call for urgent action against Israel’s blockade amid increased fears of humanitarian catastrophe. A power blackout in the Gaza Strip caused by [more…]

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‘Smell of death is everywhere’: Inside Israeli kibbutz attacked by Hamas

The devastation stands as a testament to the intense conflict that unfolded between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli military. In Kfar Aza, Israel, a haunting [more…]

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This is Israel’s most intense bombing campaign in Gaza in recent memory, residents of the besieged territory say.

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The vibrant Rimal neighbourhood, the heart of Gaza, has been completely obliterated. The Rimal neighborhood, once the vibrant heart of the Gaza Strip, has been [more…]

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Putin expresses deep worry regarding the ‘devastating’ loss of civilian lives during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The Russian leader attributes the escalation of violence to a flawed U.S. Middle East policy that overlooked the Palestinian aspirations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has [more…]