Gaza’s Healthcare in Crisis: 1843 Lives Lost, 7138 Injured

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The Ministry of Health announced on Friday evening an increase in the toll of the ongoing Israeli occupation’s aggression against our people in Gaza and the West Bank to 1843 martyrs and 7138 injured.

The Ministry of Health provided a concise update, stating that the number of casualties in Gaza has tragically reached 1,799 martyrs, with 6,388 individuals injured. In the West Bank, there have been 44 fatalities and over 700 injuries, with approximately 250 people seeking medical attention in hospitals.

During a UN press conference in Geneva, Tarik Jasarevic, the spokesperson for the World Health Organization, issued a stark warning, emphasizing that the healthcare system in Gaza has reached a critical breaking point. The organization reported that six out of the seven major hospitals in the region are now functioning at a significantly reduced capacity.

Jasarevic highlighted, “Beit Hanoun Hospital in northern Gaza is no longer operational due to repeated airstrikes in its vicinity, causing extensive damage to the hospital and surrounding infrastructure.” He further noted that the two primary hospitals in the northern area, the Indonesian Hospital and Al-Shifa Hospital, have surpassed their combined capacity of 760 beds.

The spokesperson pointed out that Al-Shifa Hospital is currently at 99% capacity, while hospitals in southern Gaza have also reached their limits. Additionally, these healthcare facilities have limited access to electricity, with only a few hours of power available each day to conserve dwindling fuel supplies.

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