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“Empowering Farnworth North: Mazhar Iqbal’s Candidacy for a Stronger Community”

A Dedicated Community Leader : Mazhar Iqbal’s Candidacy for Farnworth North Election Mazhar Iqbal, an esteemed pillar of our community, has stepped up to contest the upcoming election under the Conservative Party for the Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council in Farnworth North. With the election slated for Thursday, 2nd May 2024, Mazhar Iqbal’s candidacy represents a […]

Why has Hamas taken Israeli hostages?

Approximately 20% of Palestinians have been apprehended and prosecuted under a web of 1,600 military directives that dictate every facet of their existence. IN golf carts, vans and on motorbikes, Hamas fighters have taken dozens of Israeli civilians and soldiers back to the Gaza Strip after their attack on Israel on Saturday. Israel’s detention and […]

Joe Biden sends US ships near Israel after Zionists suffer major blow by Hamas

“The Pentagon has announced the deployment of the USS Gerald R. Ford and its accompanying warships to the Mediterranean, along with an increase in fighter aircraft squadrons in the region.” In the wake of a powerful response by the resistance group Hamas against perceived Israeli aggression, President Joe Biden ordered the deployment of US ships […]

“Israel continues to grapple with the aftermath of Hamas attacks as the casualty toll rises.”

“Netanyahu Addresses a Shocked and Grieving Nation, Preparing Them for a Prolonged and Challenging Conflict Following Hamas Rocket Attacks on Israel.” “SDEROT, Israel: Israel, in the wake of the deadliest attack in half a century, officially declared a state of war against Hamas on Sunday as the death toll in the conflict soared above 1,000, […]

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